Who Else is Gaining Weight During Quarantine?

I don’t know about you, but the scale has NOT been kind to me in this quarantine.

Who else has gained weight since this pandemic started?

A show of hands?

Full transparency (and no shame whatsoever), I’ve manage to put on a tidy 22 lbs. since this pandemic started.

That’s 22 lbs. in 8 months.

I’ll also tell you (again, no shame), that I’ve purchased a yoga mat and weights, and both have a fine film of dust on them from underuse.

With the exception of vacuuming under them, I haven’t touched them at all.

When I meet friends for coffee or chat on FaceTime they say “Wow! You don’t look any different”, and I’m thankful for that, but it’s a double edged sword.

You see, if I looked 20 lbs. heavier than I did when they last saw me, I’d probably do something about it.

But because no one can see those extra pounds, I’m gonna keep throwing back those ‘Rona snacks!

I will however, start doing some type of ‘yoga for weight loss’. Something easier than over exerting myself with some insane workout regimen.

And I should put those weights to some kind of use. It’s too late to return them to Amazon.

I’ve also been eating more like a college student than a mother of three.

I can hear my body screaming “Bitch, for the love of God, eat a vegetable!”

But in my defense, when I crack open the Door Dash or Uber Eats app, healthy food isn’t the first thing to pop up on the screen.

McDonald’s, KFC, pizza, it’s all right there at my fingertips. Probably yours too. I’ve gotta do the ‘needle in a haystack’ scroll for miles to get to the healthy stuff.

And honestly? The healthy stuff doesn’t look nearly as good as pizza and KFC.

Am I wrong?

You know I’m not wrong.

What I am, is weak.

I don’t have the willpower it takes to sit at home for months on end and NOT gain weight.

My building has a gym, and I went in to use the treadmill.

That was 3 weeks ago. Haven’t been back 😏

And I’m good with that. Not losing sleep over it.

I should put fruit on my grocery list. Not bananas. Buying one or two bananas looks idiotic, and if I buy more they always overripe. Then I’m stuck making banana bread that will inevitably go bad. (Seriously, if I live to be a hundred, I don’t EVER wanna see another loaf of banana bread.)

Here’s to us all making it safely to the end of this pandemic, and getting back into shape :)


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Single mom to 3 grown ups. Growing into my writing career and enjoying the progress. I write mostly about self discovery, self improvement and relationships.

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